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April 27, 2014

Crossing the Mona Passage

Well we waited and planned and thanks to the weather expertise of Stephen we picked the perfect window to make our way across the Mona Passage. I for one am not excited about making any passage, and I’ve heard some…

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April 26, 2014

Santo Domingo

Luperon to Santo Domingo We hung out in Luperon on the boat and in the town while Stephen and Natasha went to visit Santo Domingo and Santiago, this way our boat always had occupants. Luperon is not a large town…

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March 5, 2014

Long Island to Mayaguana

Our time to leave the beautiful islands of the Bahamas is near. There are over 700 islands and cays in the Bahamas and we have only visited a handful of them. This is one of the most beautiful places we…

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January 30, 2014

School Days and Beach Days

After leaving Warderick Wells we anchored between Bell Island and Cambridge Cay. The chart and other cruisers had told us of a great snorkeling place called The Sea Aquarium. The day we went was overcast and a bit cool but…

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January 4, 2014

New Year’s Eve Junkanoo

We arrived in Nassau on New Year’s Eve around 2pm. It was a lovely sail from the Berry Islands. The waters were calm and just enough wind to help us sail at about 5 or 6 knots. We had tried…

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January 2, 2014

What It’s Only 7:30??

It’s really not hard to tire yourself when you have nothing you have to do all day. If someone had told me a few months ago I would be consistently going to bed before 9PM, I would not have believed…

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December 24, 2013

Ft. Lauderdale and Finally to The Bahamas

We have spent the last few weeks in Ft. Lauderdale in an anchorage called Lake Sylvia. Our first two nights in Florida were in a marina (which is very expensive) until the Captain on the next boat over told us…

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