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Today we are going to go pick out our final four shipping containers for our house. When we bought our first one to store all our stuff in we were not able to pick it out, we were at the mercy of the first one off the stack. Shield Containers out of Riverside California provided our first container. It was an in depth search of high cube containers and where to buy them and in the end I found two container suppliers, Shield and Container Port Group.

Two years ago in the fall of 2015 our first shipping container cost us $1700.00 plus $350.00 for delivery. We were going to again purchase them from Charles Wilson at Shield when I found out price had risen to $1950.00. We then decided to contact Kelly Milam at Container Port Group and found the price to be $1850.00. Although the price was a bit less the deciding factor for Shawn was that we could go to the port and hand pick the containers we wanted to purchase.

There is an inspection that used containers go through before they are sent out to customers however, these are still used containers. You have to realize that there will be normal wear and tear with the packing, stacking, and shipping of these container but location is everything. Shawn and I have already designed our house and we know how the containers will be placed and where we can put up with a bit of rust or a dent.

The delivery of our containers will be handled by GR Transport. Luckily this is the same gentleman who delivered out first container in the fall of 2015 and we were very happy with the service he provided.

Doug was very professional and even gave us some tips and hints about purchasing when we spoke to him on the phone. Apparently there has been a boom in shipping container sales lately and he said he has seen the supply looking more used and dented as demand increases. This makes me feel as if the extra work in finding a company that will let us pick out our containers was well worth it. Now on with the shopping.

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