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October 31, 2018

Trying to Catch Up

I am a much better artist and general helper than I am a blogger.  When we lived on a boat in the Caribbean it was much easier, at the end of a week to sit down with a glass of…

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January 23, 2018

2018 New Year Fresh Start

I love January and the start of a new year. I feel as if I have a clean slate. My first order of business was organization, file cleaning, and gathering taxes for our accountant. Next on the list was my…

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May 30, 2017

Home Shopping

Today we are going to go pick out our final four shipping containers for our house. When we bought our first one to store all our stuff in we were not able to pick it out, we were at the…

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March 5, 2017

Stay tuned tweaking my new website and blog.

During our travels through the Caribbean we had lots of time to talk about and design our new shipping container home. Our initial design was larger but after being rejected from several banks, mortgage companies, and credit unions we decided…

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May 26, 2014

Puerto Rico and Family Time

Most of our time in Puerto Rico was spent waiting and sometimes worrying. We fist arrived in San Juan Bay to get parts for our prop then we sailed to Fajardo and waited for my family to arrive. After they…

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April 18, 2014

Dominican Republic

I love the smell of soil and green things growing. The olfactory glands have the power to link things you smell to a very specific memory. This is because the nerve is located in the same area of the brain…

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March 29, 2014

Turks and Caicos Islands

We left Mayaguana at midnight to make the sail to the Turks and Caicos Islands. The winds were certainly not complying with our plans and we ended up motoring some of the way and not anchoring until 5pm on the…

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February 24, 2014

South to Georgetown

On February 6th in the wee morning hours we left Blackpoint to head to Georgetown, Exuma our next stop in the Bahamas. For me, it was with a heavy heart as we had been on the island long enough to…

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