Stay tuned tweaking my new website and blog.

During our travels through the Caribbean we had lots of time to talk about and design our new shipping container home. Our initial design was larger but after being rejected from several banks, mortgage companies, and credit unions we decided to scale back and finish our house as we had the funds.

In our quest to find out all the answers to our questions about shipping container homes we have spoken to lots of people. Almost everyone we talk to has even more questions for us so I decided to try write about our experiences in a blog. I have had trouble getting my website like I wanted it in order to add my blog but this week Justin Silverman is going to help me out by teaching me some ins and outs of web building and how to make my blog look great. Justin runs a great little website and Facebook page about our local hometown. keeps everyone in our community up to date on the goings on of our little city.

So for now if the website is kind of jumbled or isn’t easy to navigate be patient and check back, I should be up and running smoothly in the next few weeks.

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