2018 New Year Fresh Start

I love January and the start of a new year. I feel as if I have a clean slate. My first order of business was organization, file cleaning, and gathering taxes for our accountant. Next on the list was my website and Container House Blog. Since I haven’t blogged in a long while and I most likely have some new readers to the blog, I’ll try to get everyone up to speed on the container house.

Our driveway is in great shape thanks to our great excavator and friend Marcus Cassidy of Mattingly and Cassidy Earth Moving. We planted trees along the drive and put in a nice garden to mark the end of the drive. Last year we dug our basement and footers with the help of our friends Jr. Melton and Rusty Latta. We then had the basement walls and all concrete floors poured with the help of John R. Hobbs and Sons Construction. We used Hobbs construction when we built our first house in 2000 and they were nothing but professional. We were glad to use them for this new build. We put in radiant floor heating and snapped in all our pipes and tubing into a fairly new product called “Crete-Heat”. I think I found this product on the internet but after lots of research of it and several other products like it we decided to drive up to the factory and pick it up ourselves. The company is Classic Comfort and Heating Supply and it’s in Greenville, OH. It really made the installation process go much faster and the product provides insulation as well. Our next landmark was having all the containers delivered. We purchased them from the Container Port in Louisville. We actually went and picked out the containers ourselves. We hired Doug Roederer of GT Transport to deliver them to us. Shawn strategically had all five, forty-foot containers placed where Padgett Crane Company could still come in and set up to place them where they go. The crane operator, Danny Phipps only had to re-position once to place the uppermost container. Our good friend Troy Woods took a day off work to come help us as the crane rigger, he, Shawn, my brother Russell and our friend Rusty Latta had the containers moved and placed all in less than half a day. They still had time to head up to the drop zone for a bit of their kind of RNR, skydiving!

All this was finished last fall. Shawn took the end of last year to finish up all large remodeling jobs and I had several fall and Christmas Art shows.

Now that January is here we are gearing back up for our house build. We have decided on SIP (structural insulated panels) for our roofing system. We met Michael, from Fischer Sips several years ago at The Louisville Home Show. We took a professional course on SIPS installation and decided that was what we wanted for our roof.
Currently we are working on the truss system that will hold our roof including all the steel brackets. A standing seam metal roof has been our go to roof topping material but we may be looking into a spray-on roofing material (the kind on commercial flat roofs ) as you won’t be able to see the top of our roof anyway. I will include a picture of what the finished house should look like. As with any residential construction project it is a changing work in progress. Hopefully, as we gear up for lots of spring construction I will have more regular blog posts. Stay tuned…..

Im looking for a cool name for our house/farm and thought I’d ask for help from any of y’all reading my blog. I have come up with a few but none of them fit the bill. What can you all come up with? Can’t wait to find out.

Links or info to Companies mentioned

Marcus Cassidy
Mattingly and Cassidy Earth Moving

Container Port Group


GR Transport
Doug Roederer
(502) 376-0731

Classic Comfort Heating and Plumbing Supply

Padgett, Inc

John R Hobbs Construction Co
Address: 7311 Moorman River Ct, Louisville, KY 40272
Phone: (502) 937-6840

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  1. So excited to hear about the latest ! Have been thinking about you guys a lot lately and wondering where you were with the build !
    Would love to have a tour as soon as the weather stops beating us on the head !
    Laura, Jon and Maxie !

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