Trying to Catch Up

I am a much better artist and general helper than I am a blogger.  When we lived on a boat in the Caribbean it was much easier, at the end of a week to sit down with a glass of wine or a beer and write about all the things we had experienced and done over the past week or month. Now that we are stateside and building a new house, taxing a kid around and working all my spare time is spent relaxing, sewing, or doing absolutely nothing!  In the future I will try to do a better job at keeping up with our progress but I won’t promise.  Maybe even next update I’ll type from inside out new house.  

Lately we have been working on electric in our basement.  We plan to call the inspector soon and hope to move along with insulation and drywall.  Why the basement you ask?  Well, we have decided in order to get moved in as soon as possible we will do it in the basement and then work our way to moving in upstairs.  

Last blog post was in January and as we haven’t finished we have made quit a lot of progress.  Several times we’ve had to stop work on our house and go to work to make money but hopefully in the end we will have a very small mortgage.  

We’ve been taking bids for insulation, HVAC and now we just have to decide from our options.  We’ve also decided to talk to a bank about financing to finish the project.  In the beginning we were told no by every bank we tried.  They all said they could not loan on a shipping container house as shipping containers are considered un-conventional building material.  Since then, we are about 50% complete on our house and have funded it all out of pocket.  Now they will still be lending on an “unconventional shipping container house” but we now have a few things in our favor we did not in the beginning.  One, our house is turning out to look like a contemporary home with steel siding, and not just a pile of shipping containers.  Two, we have quite a bit of equity in it now.  3. My husband is a very good builder and everyone who has seen it thus far is impressed how well it is built.  So I hope I have caught everyone up that is interested in our progression and I’ll try to get a good timeline of pictures.  That’s the most interesting part anyway…    

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  1. We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome so far! Can’t wait to see the final product! Your family has put so much work into this house, that it is definitely a labor of love. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work on your home, it has been a pleasure! If you ever need anything else, please let us know!

  2. Your home is coming along beautifully! I’m not surprised because you two are pretty amazing. You get an idea, no matter the challenge and make it work. Not only do you make it work, you have people thinking, “why didn’t we come up with that?!” Haha

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