“It’s not sea sickness Mommy it’s boat sickness.”

Three days of shopping for provisions netted us about 10 lbs of frozen vegetables, 90 lbs of frozen meat, 100 or more can goods, several boxes of wine and a lot of beer, none of which I have wanted to consume for the last 3 days. I have not gotten my sea legs yet, I have been sea sick, or as Jaxson said “Boat sick. Mommy, you were in the boat not in the sea”. No matter where I was, it was not fun. I just wanted all of you back home freezing in the Kentucky weather to know that paradise is not without sacrifice.

We left Charleston City Marina in the evening of Saturday, December 7th. It was cool and starting to rain. As we were pulling out of the harbor we passed the Charleston Christmas Flotilla. It was pretty to see all the motor and sail boats decorated with Christmas lights Shortly after though the weather started getting rougher and Jaxson had to go down inside the boat to his cabin. I went with him since it was his first time sailing. He was perfectly happy and content watching movies on my Ipad. I however, was not. It was the start of a very long passage from Charleston to Ft. Lauderdale for me. I spent the next 3 days sleeping a lot and eating very little. The rest of the crew took their turns at the helm to get us safely to our destination. I felt bad from the sickness and worse for not being an able body to help navigate, cook, or anything needed. I am thankful for my crew and owe them lots of cooking, cleaning, and probably some massages.

Wednesday morning I awoke to a beautiful morning. Warm weather, calm seas and sunny skies. I felt so much better. I was quick to come up out of the boat and sit in the cockpit for a long while to make sure my condition was not short lived. Throughout the day I went inside the boat to do small errands and test my sea legs. By the end of the day I was able to go down in the galley and make some simple meals. We were close enough to shore I was able to use my cell and call home. And in the end I could even stay down inside my cabin and read. My sea sickness was over.

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