Really Big Learning Curve

Lately, I feel as if I am back in school learning something new every week. My first learning adventure was sailing school. I quickly found in sailing, nothing is the same as when you are on land. The kitchen is a galley, the living room is a salon, the bathroom is the head, ropes are sheets, right is starboard, left is port and on and on.

The next big step was selling our house and learning to live with less space and stuff then we were used to. To my surprise, you don’t really miss the the space or the stuff.

The latest step in my new learning adventure was saying goodbye to my part-time, secure, insurance funded job of 21 years at Fedex. My last day was Friday, the 20th of September. It was very bittersweet, I enjoyed my job and got to know several of my customers. I held several positions at Fedex over the years and worked in 3 different stations with a lot of great people. I will miss my co-workers, several of which I now call friends. I will not however, miss the early 5am sometimes 3:45am alarm times in order to start my shift. I always felt very proud to work for Fedex and I am sad to leave.

I plan to spend my newly found free time learning how to write a blog and make it readable and maybe even interesting. If you have previously signed on to it, I apologize for the chaotic look of it as of late. There seems to be a really big learning curve in a lot of things in my life lately.

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