We are having technical difficulties……..Please stand by…..

As October ends and November begins we still find ourselves state-side.  We have run into a few problems with our departure date.  One of our crew members, Stephen, has had an accident and we will be waiting for a recovery before we embark on our journey. As accidents go it was a small one but I’m sure to the person that has the broken arm it is not such a small thing.

In the meantime, Shawn and I are diligently working to finish some things for the boat that will make all our lives nicer. Shawn has designed an arch for the back of our boat that will serve lots of purposes. The main use will be to lift our dinghy in and out of the water. As with most projects you cannot completely do yourself, there are problems and hold-ups. I am confident in my husbands’ ability and can safely say we will have the nicest and most sturdy arch when all is said and done.

I am working on our curtains and some throw pillows to match. My next project is cockpit cushions. We already have the foam but need to head down to the boat to cut them to fit. Then the only part left is the sewing. I have lots of boat sewing projects underway but most of them will take a back seat to the cushions when I can start sewing them.

While we are still here, we are enjoying the fall weather and colors. As much as I want to be on the boat and on with our big adventure I am glad we got to enjoy fall. It is my favorite season and I would have missed it. Not to mention that I love Halloween so I also squeezed in time to make sure my little goblin had a costume.









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